Who Are We?

A fresh group of developers who love Architecture

Jardines de Montesolana is a complex residential promoted by Promayor Real Estate. Our main goal is to build high quality residential spaces with the guarantee of the best client satisfaction.

We are a family business which was founded in the 1980’s. We have different developments and buildings on the mediterranean coast.

Promayor is synonymous with trust, security and guarantee.

The best residential in Orihuela Costa

We love the Orihuela Costa

Nerea Mayor, CEO of Promayor Real State, describes Jardines de Montesolana: “For us, this is a place with family ties. We spent our childhood playing on the beaches, breathing its air, and making friends with people from all over the world. From the begining, we dreamt of giving back to this area all that it had given to us, and putting all our effort into designing and building a residential area dedicated to preserving its most precious treasures: their special sunlight, the peace of the landscape and the sense of community its people.

With the name of Jardines de Montesolana comes a unique residential area, which breathes quality, comfort and welfare. A project designed for your enjoyment throughout all seasons. Designed to delight the senses in the contemplation of nature, the sun and the sea, surrounded by a magnificent Japanese Heian Garden.

If you’re looking for the best residential area in the  Orihuela Coast, come and meet us.

We dreamt of returning to this area the care that we have, and putting all our effort into designing and building a residential area dedicated to preserving its most precious treasures.

Nerea Mayor, CEO

Corporate Values


The innovation in our developments, such us the use of space and light and natural ventilation, solar heating panels, and the sensitive planting of native Mediterranean species in the Japanese designed garden all contribute to a higher level of comfort and quality of life.


From the very beginning we have always focused all our attention on the protection of the environment. We look for everything that will guarantee the best energy efficiency, the minimum water consumption, and the use of recyclable and natural materials.


We build spacious and bright homes, located in places where our clients have easy access to all the essential services (hospitals, banks, supermarkets, train stations and airports). So that you have more time to enjoy the important things in life.